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In a world where there's sharks in even the smallest pond eating up profit, Trish has owned and managed several successful businesses including Berea Transport and LP Custom Painting and continues to offer counsel to other business owners.

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Studebaker’s Eleven Commandments of Good Business

We realize the importance of the customer to the existence of our practice. This list is from the Studebaker Motor Company, and each commandment is centered on the ‘customer’, and drives home the point that our customers are the most important persons in our business. We believe customer service is becoming a lost art in the United States. We find ourselves feeling as if we are imposing on those who are supposed to be serving us when we go to our favorite fast-food restaurants, or attempt to pay for our gasoline at the local convenience store. To remember how you should be treated by those from whom you seek services, Pat Yoder Bookkeeping presents to you Studebaker’s "Eleven Commandments of Good Business".

  1. A customer is the most important person in any business.
  2. A customer is not dependent on us – we are dependent on he or she.
  3. A customer is not an interruption of our work – he or she is the purpose of it.
  4. A customer does us a favor when he or she calls – we are not doing them a favor by serving them.
  5. A customer is part of our business – not an outsider.
  6. A customer is not a cold statistic – he or she is a flesh and blood human being with feelings and emotions just like our own.
  7. A customer is not someone to argue or match wits with.
  8. A customer is a person who brings us his or her wants – it is our job to fill those wants.
  9. A customer is deserving of the most courteous and attentive treatment we can give him or her.
  10. A customer is the person that makes it possible to pay your salary.
  11. A customer is the life-blood of this and every other business.

If you would like to experience old-fashioned customer service for your tax and/or accounting needs, give Pat Yoder Bookkeeping a try – head over to our contact page.


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